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Surround View Monitoring System

It provides the highest safety and convenience to drivers by supporting 3D views of areas around vehicles
as if seen from the sky using four HD cameras installed in the front, rear, right and left rear-view mirrors.

Confirm areas around vehicles with 2D and 3D views
Remove blind spots using four cameras with 190-degree view angle each
Direct parking in the narrow space and side-street driving
Video-record the surrounding areas with 4HD DVRs while driving
Improve stability by integrating ADAS functions

Lane Departure Warning System

Give lane departure warnings
Design specification: ISO 17361
Convey information about warning messages to the head unit with CAN (controller area network)
Displayed at the top view mode
Display lane departure when coming closer to the left lane
Display lane departure when coming closer to the right lane

Blind Spot Detection

Support lane change, warning for blind spots
Design specification: ISO 17387
Display warnings for cars coming closer from left, right and rear
Recognize over 90% of cars within blind spots (normal situation)

Moving Object Detection

Display warnings after recognizing objects approaching vehicles while parking and stopping cars
Design specification: ISO 17386
Display warnings for approaching objects forward and backward
When objects sized over 1mx1m approach vehicles within the radius of 5 meters, the MOD system recognizes over 90% of objects.
      (normal situation)

Digital Video Recorder

Video-record the front, rear, left and right images
Design specification: KS C 5078, car accident DVR (driving video recorder)

Detect parking space and determine parking tracks using Wide Top-View (5m around the vehicle) of the SVM system