the Center of Challenge and Change
hire talented personnel
who will lead the future with passion and challenging spirits.

Concept of Talent

Core Values

Challenging Spirit

We execute new ideas and strategy actively
and make efforts to achieve additional goals
and to create values, instead of settling for the present.

Leading change

We recognize the necessity of change sufficiently,
lead all members to change and motivate them.

Customer-centered mindset

We think and act in the position of inside
and outside customers and build long-term confidence
by achieving mutual satisfaction.

Creation of values

We achieve sustainable growth through generating new culture and paradigm as well as creating new customers, products and markets, including financial accomplishments, as results of corporate activities.

Rank System

Regular Service
Division manager
4 years: Assistant director
4 years: Department manager
3 years: Assistant manager
3 years: Section chief
2 years: Employee
Research staff
Head researcher
Lead researcher: 5 years
Senior researcher: 4 years
Chief researcher: 3 years
Researcher: 3 years