Company Overview

the Center of Challenge and Change

Chemical Business

The chemistry business of CHEMTRONICS, which started its business as Shinyoung Chemistry in 1983,
has made a great contribution to the national economy as an important partner
in the fields of domestic paints, electronic materials and chemical manufacturing.

We have supplied high-quality petrochemical raw materials at reasonable prices to Korea and foreign countries
through close cooperative relations with domestic and international major petrochemical manufacturers.
Furthermore, we have made efforts to develop specialized high-purity chemical (EL-grade chemical) technologies for TFT-LCD and semiconductors and to self-produce related products, instead of just being focused on selling industrial-grade chemicals.

Competitiveness of Chemical Business

Owned stable growth potential through forming various business portfolios within the chemical business :
Owned business fields in electronic chemistry and industrial chemistry

Secured purchasing competitiveness :
Secured various sourcing lines through domestic and international petrochemical manufacturers

Secured various products and items through operating factories and tanks

Secured competitiveness through continuous investment in facilities and high-quality workforce staffing :
Secured competitiveness for product development by research institute

Established the foundation for meeting customer needs > Established analytical instruments : Such as moisture measuring devices, GC, LC, ICP-MS, Apha colormeters, GPC and particle counters > Flexible inventory management through operating tanks owned by the company