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SMS Business

Smart Materials System Business

The EMC (electro-magnetic compatibility) has become more important owing to the necessity of making the environment
so that electromagnetic waves, which are stressed as recent IT instruments have become smaller and integrated, may spread
without affecting other electronic devices and the human body.

Accordingly, we have made products overcoming EMI (electro-magnetic interference)
and EMS (electro-magnetic susceptibility) based on excellent technologies.
Our SMS business division is making various products,
such as wireless charging modules, absorbents, stickers for preventing electromagnetic waves and EMI tapes.
Especially, it develops and mass-produces NFC modules and wireless charging modules in line with market expansion.
Wireless charging modules satisfy standards of the inductive coupling method,
and we have made efforts to develop products in preparation for the magnetic resonance method.

Competitiveness of SMS Business

To prevent brokenness by use of flexible materials

To simplify materials and implement thin thickness

To establish systematic processes from product design to production

To implement diversification of shapes

To facilitate mass-production by expanding facilities

To produce various items from low magnetic permeability to high magnetic permeability